Contact us. Make a design suggestion.

Thank you for making contact for whatever reason, but if you have a suggestion for a design I would be especially pleased. Coming up with design ideas is not always easy, because a design that I may like could be of no interest to you.

Any ideas you send I would do my best to develop, and have it printed on a T-shirt and hoodie. I would notify you when it was completed.

Although primarily interested in mathematics and physics, at this particular time in history there is a need to be publicizing the impending problems with the changes in the climate, and the November meeting of the IPCC in Glasgow.

The challenge when making a design is getting your meaning across in a very few words, so that the words can be made large, larger the better in general. An image is generally good value.

The other big and topical problem is the pandemic, COVID19, although it is not of the same magnitude as climate change. We will get over COVID in a year or so, but climate is going to be with us for a long time.

I look forward to you suggestions.