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Schrodinger Long Sleeve Unisex Hoodie

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Design Information

In the equation of the Schrodinger design, i=√-1, and h is the Plank constant,
h=6.626 x 10(^-34) Joules.Seconds.

For convenience, h/2π is usually combined and represented as h(cross).

H is the total energy of the system.

For example, if the system being concidered is SHM, that is Simple Harmonic Motion,

The restoring force is the negative of the gradient of the potential,
that is, f = -dU/dx = -kx where k is a constant of the motion, eg the stiffness of a spring.

This means the potential U = kx²/2 , and KE = mv²/2 or p²/2m

The Hamiltonian then is H = p²/2m + U(x)

Garment Details and Specifications

Who knew that the softest hoodie you'll ever own comes with such a cool design. You won't regret buying this classic streetwear piece of apparel with a convenient pouch pocket and warm hood for chilly evenings.

• 100% cotton face
• 65% ring-spun cotton, 35% polyester
• Front pouch pocket
• Self-fabric patch on the back
• Matching flat drawstrings
• 3-panel hood
• Blank product sourced from Pakistan


Size guide

S (cm) 50.8 68.6
M (cm) 53.3 71.1
L (cm) 58.4 73.7
XL (cm) 63.5 76.2
2XL (cm) 67.3 78.7
3XL (cm) 71.1 81.3