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Newton Unisex organic sweatshirt

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Design Information

Isaac Newton, 1642 – 1727.

Newton did not have a good start in life, being born prematurely and not expected to live. Nevertheless, he survived and thrived exceptionally well!

During the plague 1665, Newton stayed at home and worked privately, developing his ideas about optics, gravitation and work related to differential calculus.

Newton wrote a number of books with “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”, usually referred to as Principia. In it he stated the 3 laws of motion, will known of all students of physics.

In the book “Treatise on the methods of Series and Fluxions” he presents his ideas on what he calls fluxions, and is the beginning of calculus.

He also worked on optics, showing how light is a mixture of colors, and on making a reflecting telescope, which overcame the chromatic aberration problems associated with the refracting telescope.

Newton had ongoing disputes with Robert Hooke about who discovered the gravitational law first, and also with Leibniz regarding who was first to produce the calculus ideas.

Garment Details and Specifications

The Unisex organic sweatshirt is made of organic and recycled materials, and feels soft and cozy to the touch. It has set-in sleeves, 2×2 rib at collar, and a self-fabric neck tape. Order your next eco-friendly essential and hit the streets in style!

• 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester
• 100% organic cotton exterior
• Frenchy terry knit
• Set-in sleeves
• 2×2 rib at collar
• Self-fabric neck tape
• Blank product sourced from Bangladesh


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